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Salute 2012 Event Schedule

May 16, 2012    Sonoma County Street Rodz open house
                           1008 Clegg Ct., Petaluma, CA 94954  (707) 781-1955
                           Come join the staff at Sonoma County Street Rodz as they open their doors
                           just for you.  The open house starts at 6pm.  Their will be a raffle, food, and
                           I’m sure a few surprises.

May 17, 2012     Henry Travers Memorial Dinner
                           $85 per person by advanced reservation only
                            Held at Cattlemen’s Steak House

                            Proceeds from this exclusive dinner will benefit the Henry Travers
                            Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Henry, who passed away in August, 2006,
                            was the film’s transportation manager and responsible for all of the cars.
                            He was particularly proud of setting up the police car destruction scene.  
                            Enjoy socializing and dinner with the Crusin’ the Boulevard Board of
                            Directors, members of the original production crew and
                            special guests.

May 18, 2012      Petaluma’s Salute to American Graffiti Cruise-In and Kickoff Social
                            Entry is Free
                            Plaza North, North McDowell Blvd. at Washington St

                             4 – 8pm      Cruise-in Social with music from our own XERB                                                                         Radio Broadcasting on FM 88.1.  There will be reserved parking
                                                for 1975 and older American vehicles.  American Graffiti
                                                collectibles will be available.

                             6:30pm        Presentation of the 2011 Henry Travers Memorial
                                                Scholarships to local students

May 19, 2012       Petaluma’s 7th Annual Salute to American Graffiti Celebration
                             Free to Spectators
                             Downtown Petaluma

                             What to do and see:  Tune your radio to 88.1FM and listen to XERB
                             from downtown Petaluma.  Many merchants have special events
                             including art shows, demonstrations, special window displays, and of
                             course, lots of classic cars and 50’s & 60’s nostalgia merchandise.
                             Back by popular demand is the Cub Scout official Pine Wood Derby
                             race at Theatre Square. Also, go by the A St parking lot to see
                             Petaluma’s own Pacer Car Club record holding racecar. Stroll on over
                             to Mel’s Burger City and grab a burger or dog for you and your sweetie.
                             Don’t forget to check out all the over 350 plus classic cars and trucks. 
                             Talk to the owners and see if you can find the owner who drove the farthest.
                             Don’t forget to take some time to collect this year’s entire American
                             Graffiti trading cards.  Collector sets from the past years are available
                             for purchase at Cruiser Central.  Dance and sing to three live bands.
                             Visit the more than 30 vendors!  Get all your Salute 2012
                            collectibles at Cruiser Central. And don’t forget that the American
                            Graffiti cruise starts at 4pm

                            7:00 – 10am          Show participants check-in and breakfast:  Petaluma
                                                          Plaza North
                             8:30am                 XERB – Tune your radio to XERB – 88.1FM – Disc
                                                          Jockey and our Petaluma Mayor, David Glass, will
                                                          be hitting the microphone with some great old tunes.
                             8:00am                 Salute 2012 entry vehicles begin arriving downtown
                             8:30am – 8pm      Cruiser Retail opens– Information, Salute Souvenirs and
                                                         Programs, American Graffiti Trading Cards  
                             9am – 8pm           Merchandise Vendors open
                             9am                      Do you need a new power plant for your Kool Kuiser?                                                           Check out the Blueprint 383 Small Block Chevy in the                                                           Sonoma County Street Rodz booth on B Street.  With                                                           just a $5 raffle ticket, you could win this awesome                                                           engine.  All proceeds go  to Cruisin’ the Boulevard.                                                            Drawing will be held at our May 2013 event. 
                             9am – 9pm           Check out the many stores that have entered our window
                                                          decorating contest. Location map available at the info
                             9:30am                 Start collecting your official American Graffiti Trading Cards
                                                          Go to the information booth for a map of Trading Card
                             10am – 1pm         Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby, Theater Square,  C & 2nd
                             10am – 9pm         Local merchants open their doors to you!  Check them out!
                                                           Petaluma has some unique items.  You may just find
                                                           something you just can’t live without. 
                             10 -  3pm              Our local merchants pick and award their trophy picks
                             10am - 4pm          Petaluma Historical Museum, 4th St. "Native Words,                                                          Native Warriors"-Special engagement from the
                                                         Smithsonian Institute about the WWII Native American
                                                         Code Talkers.
                             10:30am                Mel’s drive-in opens to serve you some of the best burgers                                                           in town.  
                             1pm                      Join in or watch our Look-A-Like contest in front of XERB
                                                          Radio Station 

                             2pm                       We invite everyone to join our Street Dance in front of the
                                                           radio station. Although we aren’t trying for a world record
                                                           of dancers, we would like to get everyone out there for
                                                           some serious fun!
                             2 – 5pm                 Opening day for the Petaluma’s Farmers Market, Walnut
                                                          Park, 4th & D St. Enjoy farm fresh produce from some of
                                                          Petaluma’s local farms
                             2:30 – 4;30pm        Meet Clo the Cow and take some pictures
                             4pm – 9pm           Cruise Starts – All classic cars Cruisin’ the
                                            ATTENTION CRUISE WATCHERS!  Perhaps the best place
                                                           to watch the cruise will be along Petaluma Blvd, south of                                                             B Street all the way down to Boulevard Lanes (Bowling                                                             Alley). Grab you chair, a picnic basket, something to                                                             drink, your portable radio (tuned to 88.1fm) and if                                                             necessary, jackets and a blanket.  Find a spot to watch                                                             the action.  Be sure to wave and give the thumbs up to                                                             all the cruisers!
                             9pm                       Official cruising ends – streets open
                             Midnight:               Clean up ends, CTB board members go home, they
                                                           turn off the phones, go to bed and don’t wake up
                                                           until Wednesday, noon! 

Did you think that we have forgotten that 2013 is the 40th Anniversary of the release of the movie American Graffiti?  No, we haven’t, we just aren’t talking about it.  We started our planning for this big event in January 2012 after looking into several great ideas.  If you’ve enjoyed coming to our events in the past, we want to warn you that 2013 will blow your bobbie socks right off!!  Watch our website for future updates.  YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!   

Didn’t make it into the show?  Still want to bring your classic car to town?  Contact John at 4th and Sea (phone 707 623-3219, address, 4th and C St) and make plans to park your cruiser in his lot for the day.  If that lots full, our local Autozone has a roped off area for classic cars, they’re on Washington St across for Golden Eagle Shopping Center.



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