Monday, March 16, 2020

Due to the ongoing coronavirus, the Salute To American Graffiti, May 13-15 2021 will not be held in its
normal format. Therefore registration will not open as it normally does on February 1st. While this is a
tremendous disappointment to many, our first concern continues to be for the health and safety of our
attendees, the general public, and our all-volunteer staff.  
The Cruisin’ The Boulevard Board of Directors will continue to monitor this situation over the next few
months and by April 1 st announce whether we will celebrate American Graffiti by having a one-day event
on May 15 that the Petaluma Plaza Shopping Center.
At this time we hope to get back to normal in 2022. If you would like to help support our non-profit’s
cause donations are certainly welcome. All donations are tax-deductible. You will find our information
under the contact header on this site.
Our thoughts are with everyone struggling to recover from this current epidemic.  We look forward to
seeing everyone at a full Salute to American Graffiti in the future!
Keep Cruisin’
Greg Gustafson, President
Cruisin’ The Boulevard


Special thanks to Digital Grange Fine Art Services for helping Cruisin’ The Boulevard bring the fine art created by local artist Elise Durenberger and making it affordable to the public.  Once again Elise has over 250 hours of production this year in creating “The Fastest Car in the Valley” artwork logo.  Now celebrating our 15th year, with Elise blending iconic movie moments with old and new Petaluma, we commemorate the movie and our town!