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Limited Edition 13” x 19” May 15, 2008 Cop Car Destruction Photo 
by Tom Thomason 

Item #8050

On May 15, 2008 at approximately 4:45am, Cruisin’ The Boulevard re-created the scene fromAmerican Graffiti where, after Curt secretly cables the rear end of the Holstein’s cop car to a light pole in Jerry’s Cherries Used Car Lot, he and the Pharaohs race by and when the cops peel out to chase them, the axle and wheels are torn from beneath the car.

It has taken over a year for us to obtain this photo from the photographer and there are only a few available, so if you want one for your American Graffiti collection, place your order now. Photograph will be shipped rolled via Priority Mail.


2008 DVD - Petaluma's Salute to 35 Years of American Graffiti
Item #8021

Celebrating 35 Years of American Graffiti
Produced by Axum Studios ~ Filming by Axum Studios and Fair Street Films

Thursday, May 15, 3:30am: Filming had been going on all night and by now the crescendo was starting to swell! We were just one hour away from the event we had all been waiting to see. The warm morning air had everyone alive with conversation as the final scenes were being filmed. First the Merc speeding by the front of Jerry’s Cherries, followed by our American Graffiti Cop Car peeling out to chase it. It had been a perfect night…..what could go wrong? But something did!

The re-creation of the Cop Car destruction (as well as what went wrong) and everything that happened behind the scenes is certainly the feature presentation on our Salute 2008 DVD, but there’s more including the hilarious introduction where Cruisin’ The Boulevard President John Furrer get’s chased by the cops! You'll also see two-time Academy Award winner Haskell Wexler, the film's Visual Consultant, along with other original production crew members Ron Eveslage, Ned Kopp and Bill Maley, all whom were here to help us film the re-creation scene.

On Saturday, May 17, for the first time in the history of Petaluma, we closed off most of downtown for 12 hours of classic cars, hot rods, movie stars, cool bands, street dancing and just plain good old American family fun! You’ll see all of the action filmed with 10 video and 3 still cameras, including many scenes filmed in high definition, so here’s your opportunity to savor the memories of Salute 2008, even if you weren’t there! Professionally produced and packaged….just like you’d buy in the store.


2007 American Graffiti Salute Memories DVD
Item #7002

Professionally photographed, our 2007 Salute Memories DVD contains all of the action from Saturday, May 19, 2007 including the car show at the Petaluma Outlets and the Cruise and Street Dance in downtown Petaluma. Complete with interviews, still images from the May 17 VIP Dinner with The Stars, and the May 18th Cruise-in at Redwood Gateway Shopping Center and ‘50s-‘60s music, it comes professionally packaged! Get one for your collection and another for one of your American Graffiti friends! Price Reduction!!