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Although Cruisin’ The Boulevard’s American Graffiti Salute website is packed full of information about this timeless classic, here are some other cool sites that have more information about the movie, the stars and the cars.

Both the movie and American classic cars are popular throughout the world, so be sure to visit the MySpace sites as well as New Zealand’s Beach Hop!



The Deadlies

The Deadlies are entirely new type of surf band, paying homage to the Ventures Dick Dale and the Chantays as well as the California Honky-tonk sound of Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam while keeping an under lying presence of the California surf punk scene that brought us the Dickies, Agent Orange and Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs.


Marin Sonoma Concours d' Elegance

The Annual Marin Sonoma Concours d’Elegance is presented in May at the Marin Center in San Rafael.  Just a 30 minute drive south from Petaluma, this venue is lush with rolling lawns and a large lagoon....the perfect location for such a prestigious showing of classic motor cars.

Hot chick, hot Studebaker, hot pink…It’s Pinky! One of our American Graffiti Salute favorites and she came all the way from Folsom!


The Official Paul Le Mat Site

Anyone who doesn’t know of Paul Le Mat doesn’t know American Graffiti! But you may not know that Paul is a Vietnam Veteran or that he was a boxing champion. Find out this and more at Paul’s website.

Your 24/7 car club resource, news, ezine, events, classifieds, photos, and ‘rodtalk’ website. The RodsandWheels Tool Box helps you manage member registration, database, newsletters, dues and more. They also provide help developing and managing your club including a webpage, photo gallery and calendar. And the best part, it’s all FREE!
Emergency Vehicle Owners & Operators Association
As owners and operators of the 1961 Ford Galaxie American Graffiti Cop Car (clone), Cruisin' The Boulevard is now a member of the E.V.O.O.A., an international association dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of civilian and military vintage and in-service police, ambulance and fire vehicles.

New Zealand’s Annual Beach Hop

You’ll feel right at home visiting New Zealand’s annual Beach Hop! American classic cars are BIG in the land of the Kiwis and this annual show in a small seaside town now attracts over 70,000. Thousands of cool photos, too….see ya there, mate!


American Car Brochures

Hans Tore Tangerud of Kristiansand, Norway has assembled this superb assortment of American Car brochures. You should plan on spending at least an hour checking it out! For many of you it will be a fun trip back to the days when new year model introductions were a big deal with skies lit up by searchlight beams and everyone went down to their local car dealers to see the new cars.


Kathy Schrock’s “Unofficial American Graffiti”

Kathy’s site focuses on the movie cars and several of the stars, including their past, present and future appearances. Lots of great photos of the cars and stars at various shows. Another must visit for AG fans!


Rick Blevins & Co. “Project THX138”

In case you don’t already know, the Graffiti ’32 Deuce is the most photographed and most recognized car in the world! It’s also the car that has and continues to spawn more clones than any other. Rick and his buds have dedicated this site to reproducing the Deuce down to exacting detail…including fabrication of parts that are no longer available. Here’s your source, Deuce chasers! Lot’s of other AG stuff, too.


Wolfman Jack – America’s Notorious DJ

“He flies that thing all the way around the world”! The online Museum dedicated to the late, great, howling, prowling Wolfman Jack. George Lucas grew up listening to The Wolfman and wanted him to live part in the film! American Graffiti was Wolfman Jack first appearance on the big screen.


Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids

“All the way from Stockton”, Herbie and the Heartbeats (Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids), played the only “live” music in the film. Originally from Colorado, they’re still there today and available for hire. A very cool website with some great old black and white photos!

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Salute 2013 Drag Race

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