2019 EVENT ART is for sale

Another special thanks to Digital Grange Fine Art Services for helping Cruisin’ The Boulevard bring the fine art created by local artist Elise Durenberger and making it affordable to the public.  Once again Elise has over 250 hours of production this year in creating “Petaluma's Spotlight on American Graffiti” artwork logo.  Now celebrating our 14th year, with Elise blending iconic movie moments with old and new Petaluma, we commemorate the movie and our town!
2019 Original Acrylic on 24 x 30 Canvas 
1/1 signed by artist Elise Durenberger

Limited Edition Pigment Print 14x18 rag paper 1/100 signed by artist Elise Durenberger.
$40.00 + Tax

Limited Edition Pigment Print 24x30 Canvas   1/25 signed by artist Elise Durenberger.
$350.00 + Tax

To purchase contact greg@americangraffiti.net










A Message from Fine Artist, Elise A. Durenberger

It was such an honor to create my 6th event painting for Cruisin’ the Boulevard. “Petaluma’s Spotlight on American Graffiti” is pure celebration of car culture from 1962. With a “spotlight” on the movie and the town of Petaluma that forever captured the generation that made cruisin’ the best way to spend a Saturday night, this year’s painting endeavors to highlight it all.  
As a child, I can recall that the sight of Carbon Arc Searchlights brought a sense of urgency to investigate. It didn’t matter if the cause was the opening of a new department store or a sale at the local car dealership, if the beam of light was great enough to be seen from miles away, in my mind that was an invitation not to be refused. I would beg my dad to drive us to check out the “show,” and if that meant sitting in the car, simply staring at the magnificent machinery spinning and carving its mighty lighted pattern into the night sky, that was worth the effort. 
The searchlights used in the shaving cream scene in the movie were fantastic props in more than one way. Amazing to look back and realize how they added to one of the most vibrant and euphoric scenes, yet through the brilliance of the George Lucas’s creation, they only served to enhance, not overshadow the characters. 
When this year’s event theme was decided, I knew that my biggest challenge would be to follow Mr. Lucas’s lead and add light to my painting in a way that would also enhance, but not outshine the other characters. It is my deep hope that I succeeded and that all who celebrate with us in 2019 will enjoy the shine. 
For more information about my work, please visit my website: www.mamacowcreations@blogspot.com and follow my facebook page, Mamacow Creations.