2020/21 EVENT ART is for sale

Another special thanks to Digital Grange Fine Art Services for helping Cruisin’ The Boulevard bring the fine art created by local artist Elise Durenberger and making it affordable to the public.  Once again Elise has over 250 hours of production this year in creating “The Fastest Car in the Valley” artwork logo.  Now celebrating our 15th year, with Elise blending iconic movie moments with old and new Petaluma, we commemorate the movie and our town!
2020/21 Original Acrylic on 24 x 30 Canvas 
1/1 signed by artist Elise Durenberger

Limited Edition Pigment Print 14x18 rag paper 1/100 signed by artist Elise Durenberger.
$40.00 + Tax
Limited Edition Pigment Print 24x30 Canvas   1/25 signed by artist Elise Durenberger.
$350.00 + Tax
To purchase contact greg@americangraffiti.net

A Message from Fine Artist, Elise A. Durenberger

Some people regard the number seven as lucky, and I will not disagree. This year marks my seventh painting created on behalf of Cruisin’ the Boulevard: how could that not be lucky? Actually, good fortune has found me all seven years, to be honest. Working with the generous and ambitious folks who bring us the annual tribute to the movie, American Graffiti, is a blessing. Each of these 7 years, they have trusted in me to create a backdrop to serve as a theme for the annual event that celebrates the iconic movie and the cruising culture of a beloved time, perfectly captured by George Lucas back in 1973. Whether you were there, loved the movie or are infatuated with the fine automobiles of times gone by, thanks to the founders of Cruisin’ the Boulevard, everyone is invited to the annual party that celebrates all of the above!

This year the event art was created to honor several themes beyond the movie itself, as we mark 15 years of Cruisin’ the Boulevard. In salute to several of our most beloved founders who have decided to take a, well-earned, step back from the rigors of the near 364 days of volunteer time that goes into putting on the event, I have included their personal classic cars into a nostalgic scene featuring 15 motor vehicles (including Toad’s unforgettable Vespa).  These characters were woven into a classic Petaluma Boulevard perspective featuring elements of real and imagined businesses and architecture that work towards the goal of helping the viewer decide, who in fact is, “The Fastest Car in the Valley.”

I hope you enjoy this year’s Fine Art for Cruisin’ the Boulevard. In cooperation with the wonderful folks at Digital Grange, a Petaluma based, fine art service company, this year’s art will be available for purchase in the form of archival quality canvas/pigment certified reproductions and posters at extremely affordable values. For the discriminating, fine art collector, the original piece will also be offered for sale. Please follow the links on the CTB website for details.

Looking forward to our big event in May. Hope you’ll drop into my booth on Western Ave. and say “hey!”

For more information about Elise, please visit her website or blog: