THEN & NOW - 1972 & 2006

We thought you’d like to see what some of the Petaluma filming locations looked like in 2006 compared to 1972 when American Graffiti was filmed. So, on behalf of Ron & Cynthia Simmons, John & Joetta Furrer, Wayne & Rhonda Van Patten, Jeff Sutton, Mike Carr, Don Phelps, Rose Vella, Steve Busse, Steve Rustad and Rich Poremba, we hope you enjoy the following images!

Check out the pictures below to view the before/after images.

Above: Toad crashes into a car behind his! Corner of Washington St. & Petaluma Blvd. North.
In 1972, the building in the background housed Westgate Realty. Today it is a seed bank.

Above: The overzealous car salesman in the big rocking chair! 320 Petaluma Boulevard North.
This was and is still a used car lot; Auto Mario Used Car Sales

Above: Outside the Freshman Hop. 300 block of Broadway St.
This is the parking lot adjacent to the Petaluma High School gym.

Above: Curt runs up the street chasing his dream girl! Corner of Western Ave. & Kentucky St.
The building in the background was Caruthers in 1972. Today it is a multi-office building.

Above: Debbie waits in car for Toad to “get us some brew”! 884 Bodega Ave.
Formerly Gilardi’s Liquors, this is now Petaluma Sport & Dive Shop.

Above: Toad outside of liquor store begging customers to buy him a pint of Old Harper!
884 Bodega Ave. Formerly Gilardi’s Liquors, this is now Petaluma Sport & Dive Shop.

Above: Curt sitting on hood of car watching Ozzie & Harriet on TVs in store window!
145 Kentucky St. In 1972, this was Nielsen’s Appliance Store. Today it is Maguire's Pub.

Above: Milner & Carol take revenge on the “water balloon throwing” girls in the Cadillac!
Corner of Western Ave. & Petaluma Blvd. North. At the time of fliming, the building next to the
searchlight housed Wells Fargo Bank. Now, it is home to Vintage Bank Antiques.

Above: The Pharaohs and Curt arrive at the arcade and miniature golf course. Mary St. between Petaluma Blvd. North & Kentucky St. Bank of America was and still is the building on the left. Across the street is Hill Plaza Park.

Above: The rear axle of the police car is ripped away as the cops’ race out of Jerry’s Cherries Used Car lot to chase Curt & The Pharaohs! Approximately 35 Petaluma Blvd. North, this lot, now owned by the DeCarli Family, is located between the McNear and LanMart buildings. Today, it is a private parking lot.

Above: After fighting with Steve, Laurie parks her Edsel and gets into Falfa’s Chevy! 43 Petaluma Blvd. North.
A music store in 1972, today it is still a music store; Tall Toad Music!

Above: Just before Toad finds Steve’s stolen Impala and gets roughed up by the bullies who sole it, Debbie sits on a car waiting for Toad to finish puking! Water Street, between Washington St. and new parkway; immediately adjacent to the Petaluma River. We’re not positive the “now” photo is the exact location where this scene was filmed as so much has changed since 1972. Presently this is our best estimate.

Above: Curt arrives at radio station XERB from where Wolfman Jack is broadcasting!Rovina Lane, just off Petaluma Blvd. South. This is the original location of Petaluma radio station KTOB 1490AM.

Above and Below: The famous drag race on Paradise Road where Milner and Falfa square off to see who’s fastest!
Frates Road between South Ely Blvd. and Adobe Rd. Today, land on the south side of Frates Road remains undeveloped; however the land behind the location of the camera is now Adobe Creek Golf Course.