In collaboration with local fine artist, Elise Durenberger, Cruisin' the Boulevard proudly presents original and reproduction event artwork for sale!  Many thanks to Digital Grange Fine Art Services for your scanning and printing support! 

To purchase contact greg@americangraffiti.net


CLICK HERE to purchase 2015 art!

2014 art has SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support!

Digital Grange Fine Art Service and processes

The process starts with a scan or photograph of the original artwork. Scanning and photography mean the same thing.  A camera is used but rather than capturing the image on film it is instead captured to the computer via the sensor on the back of the camera.  Digital Grange also has a high-end flatbed scanner which can be used for tabloid or smaller sized artwork. Each scan is profiled, then processed or “developed” and carefully evaluated to ensure the colors on the screen match the original.  It is then proofed (printed) on a piece of paper or canvas depending on what the artist wants as a substrate.

Digital Grange can custom print on virtually any surface (paper, canvas, wood, fabric, plaster, etc.) imaginable. This proof is then checked against the original with the artist in attendance so that not only the color matches the original but the “feel” of the art is captured. Once the artist approves the image is printed on the substrate with archival pigmented inks on an archival substrate. It is truly a custom process as we are not interested in mass printings but rather fine, detailed and entirely accurate reproductions of the original, to the point where many can’t really tell the difference. Once the file is approved the artist signs off on the proof and the file is archived and can be printed any time in the future and will not change. This enables the artist to “print” on demand, so to speak. The prints are called pigment prints and are printed on our Hewlett Packard 12 ink custom inkjet printers that can print up to 60 inches wide and as long as needed.