Cruisin’ the Boulevard is looking for car show attendees and fans to share their magnificent, vintage machines in a new way for 2018! (Trust us, it will be here before you know it!) We have created an opportunity for you to share your photo talents in an on-line photo contest in memory of Susan Giammattei that will culminate in the winners to be featured in our event program for 2018.  Are you interested in tooting your own horn? (What self respecting, grease-lovin’ cruiser isn’t?) Send us your photos and a brief paragraph, telling us about your car and your relationship.

Here’s how this will work:
ENTRIES DUE by March 1, 2018
Submit 4 photos (2 vertical & 2 landscape composition) and one paragraph of 250 words or less to this email:
We’re hoping to hear facts about you and your baby, like: how long have you been together? How did you find it/him/her?

The idea is to peak our interest in your unique story.
Entries will be judged by an impartial panel of equally car-lovin’ folks, not currently on the CTB board. Awards will be
based on quality of photos, and the honest back-story. Even if it’s a simple relationship, tell us how special it is! We’re ALL crazy for classic cars, so there’s no shame sharing your crazy!  

You may enter as many cars and corresponding info, as you own. Once photos and info have been submitted, you are granting CTB permission to use them as needed. Awards will be given for 1st – 4th place in the form of publication of your photos in our collectible program, including highlights from your story.

1st prize will include the full-page feature of your award-winning photo, collectible and suitable for framing. You and your car’s back-story will also be featured. Best of all, you will win complimentary entry into 2018’s Cruisin’ the Boulevard Show!  We can’t wait to see you shine!

Susan was an officer with Cruisin’ the Boulevard.  She made Petaluma her home in 1984, commuting to her work at Golden Gate Park until her retirement. She worked for the city of San Francisco for 36 years.  Susan was patient, soft-spoken, temperate and measured.  She possessed a wide breath of knowledge, an easy smile and quick wit. 

Susan’s husband, Joe, shared he accepted that her first love was her cherished 1960 Chevrolet Impala which she owned for 30+ years. Residing in Petaluma meant they were frequent participants at many local events to include Petaluma’s Salute to American Graffiti.  They also enjoyed traveling to the Hot August Nights classic car show in Reno. 

Cruisin’ The Boulevard has also introduced the Susan Giammattei Memorial Scholarship which ensures a rising star within our board will not be forgotten.   Contributions can be made to CTB in her name.