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2014 American Graffiti Trading~Collector’s Cards
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EXPOSE YOURSELF!! ~ 3 ways to participate!
Attention Businesses, Individuals, Classic Vehicle Owners
Don’t own a classic?? No problem! See below….

American Graffiti Trading~Collector’s Cards were such a big hit in years past that we’re doing them again in 2014! Whether you’ll be at Salute 2014 or not, no matter where you are in the world, trading cards are a fun way to participate. If you’re a business, they’re a low-cost and very effective way to advertise.

You receive some of the cards and the rest are given away at Salute 2014! Measuring 2” x 3.5” and printed in super high-glossy full color, each 1000 card set of 2014 cards will have a photo of a classic car or truck on the front along with the words “American Graffiti”, the number of the set and our 2014 Salute logo. On the backside is the name, address, phone and website/email of the presenter (sponsor) and the year, make and model of the vehicle, along with the name and city of the owner. If you are the sponsor, you can have your own message! Use it as your business or personal card!

3 Ways to Participate:

1) Photo only: A photo of a 1972 or older American-made classic (yours or a friends) on a trading card: just $35.

2) Sponsorship: A photo of a 1972 or older American-made classic (yours or a friend’s) on the front side and your personalized message on the backside: $150.

3) Sponsorship: Cruisin’ The Boulevard will provide the image for the front side of your card with your personalized message on the backside: $150

For complete details about the program, to place your order and submit your photo and backside copy, CLICK HERE


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